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How To Submit A Good News Story or Article to

  As of February 5th, 2007 we are no longer accepting story submissions, since the website is no longer being worked on.

What we're looking for:

Timely, positve news stories and articles that have a broad appeal to an international audience.

1.  Timely.  The article must have been posted online within the past 24 hrs.

2.  Positive news stories and/or articles.  We're looking for good news in all topic areas:  society, science/technology, health, business, education, environmental, law, religion, etc.

The basic rule of thumb is that higher relevance will be given to stories that impart the greatest degree of good for the greatest number of people.  News stories (actual positive events) have a higher relevance than articles or opinion pieces - however, we do like to add uplifting, informative and interesting articles for our readers.

We don't want to link to sites with pop-up or pop-under windows.  If the article is exceedingly good news (and there are no other alternative sites that have published it), then we might consider posting the link.

What is good news?  Use your heart to decide.  If we have posted headlines in the past that are similar to the story/article you are submitting, then there's a better chance we'll post it.

We're very aware that some news stories are positive to some people and possibly negative or offensive to others.  We make every attempt to avoid stories where this may be the case.

3.  Broad Appeal to an International Audience.

A good-news story from a rural town in Idaho, USA may not have any impact on a reader from Australia.  However, if it is a story of hope or compassion or unusual courage, etc., we will definitely consider posting the link.

Inevitably, we have to make choices about what to post and what not to post.  We do our best.

Submit a Story

Please send your good-news stories/articles to:  news (at) goodwire dot org

a.  Write "News Article Submission" in the Subject Line
b.  Include the headline and copy & paste the link in the message body.
c.  If you wish, provide us with your name and where you're from.

Also, while we'll do our best to send you a thank you message, we can't guarantee a reply.  It's all based on how much time we have.

Thanks for your support... and please tell your friends about us!

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